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Dream Essay Examples

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TOPIC: INDIA OF MY DREAMS Respected teacher, my dear friends Good morning. Today I am going to discuss about India of dreams. It is human to dream. Individual, dream about their future of the nation, is something different, and I had one such a dream. India once known as golden bird, and has been a…

A Letter to His Parents by Dr. Jose Rizal

PSYCHOANALYTIC CRITICISM Psychoanalytic criticism: * It adopts the methods of reading. It argues the literary texts, like dreams, express the secret unconscious desires and anxieties of the author. * A literary work is a manifestation of the author’s own neuroses. * It usually assumes that all such characters are projections of the author’s psyche. *…

My Dream: Becoming A Veterinarian

Dreams is a series of thoughts,images or sensations occuring in a person’s mind.Dreams is something important that all of us need to have to achieve something in life.Dream is anything that we can fathom,anything that our hearts desire,anything at all.Besides,a dream is anything that you want it to be,there is no limit on what you…



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Most unique person

Have you ever asked yourself how you are different from your friends? I did and I found out that me and my friends are different in many ways for example I am calm, I have different dreams to a good soccer player, and I have my very own room First of all, I am different…

Conclusion in dreams

I.INTRODUCTION Many people are interested about the meaning of their dreams, dreams that occur in different time, different situation and ways. It was an intriguing topic for most people, specially psychologist.Many spend much time and effort studying the space of dream and also it connects to sleep and brain. There are lots of proven evidence,…

At The Back of the Stage

Dated back April 7, 2014, at 8:00 pm the Search for Bb. Jimenez .The most prestigious event in the town where I considered being one of my most unforgettable moments in life because it’s like a dream came true. Before, I’m just an audience who dreamed to be part of the show who ramp at…

Nightmares. The moment of terror

The moment of terror you feel when being chased by a masked killer, running for your life through a dark alley. You cry out and scream for help but no one can hear you. You fall, and before you know it, the masked killer is standing right in front of you. He pulls out an…

The American Dream in “A Raisin In The Sun”

A Raisin in the Sun is a play that focuses on the “American Dream” and one’s conception of a “better life”. Each character in the play has their own view on what that dream is and what they perceive a better life to be. Hansberry focuses on the importance of achieving one’s dreams regardless of…

 A Dream Yet To Come True

I had set a goal to achieve good grades to get a gift promised by my parents which would be anything of my choice. I always dreamt and wanted to have a puppy. It all started on the 4th of October at 8:00 am the day before my exams. I was in my bedroom studying…

Three things that happened in my life

What is that challenge? How is work? Is that something I can stay home and it will come over to me? Is that something I can befit because my parents have it? My explanation about challenge could be different but I think it will work. Challenge is always people dreams but most do not complete…

The most important person in my life

Some people say they met their best friend in elementary school or from a sports team; luckily, I found mine in the womb being born at the same time as me. Not many people are so fortunate as to have a twin sister, so to me she is the four-leaf clover in the endless meadow;…

Speech on Lucid Dreaming

When I was younger I always remember my dreams as being very vivid. I had this reoccurring nightmare of one of my dolls coming to life and chasing me. (I watched Chucky when I was little and it scared me for life) Anyways, I began to realize I was dreaming when I would fall asleep…

Myth of Money and Success

The American Dream is different for everyone, though it is most commonly associated with success, freedom, and happiness. The concept of the American Dream seems to have dwindled from where it was in the past few generations. It has gone from success, freedom, and happiness to having lots of money and the nicest possessions. In…

In three to five years from today

In three to five years from today, as a hard worker, I have many goals set for myself for my near future. I know that by striving for what I want and believing I can do it that I will be where I truly want to be. I definitely will be going to college, a…

Pink Dream Room

Just picture it, a plush room with gorgeous walls painted pink and the most creative room ever fashioned by an adolescent. Looking around you may conclude that a sociable yet boy crazy teenager lives here. When you first enter the space, the aroma of Moschino Cheap and Chic Fragrance, or Pink dreams body mist greets…

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