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Ecology Essay Examples

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Biomagnification Lab Report

PROCEDURE The pile of M&M’s represents the phytoplankton population in a lake. The printed “M” on the candy represents the amount of DDT (in ppm) the algae ingested from pesticide runoff from a nearby agricultural area. There are 100 M&M’s in the pile. Each circle below represents on phytoplankton. Mark the amount of toxin each…

Interaction between Humans and the Environment

Interaction between Humans and the Environment The relationship between humans and the environment has changed over time because of technological advancements and innovations. During the beginning of human time the people was mainly nomadic; they hunted for food and travel around in packs. Fast forward a couple centuries the interaction between humans and the environment…

Sustainability: My Ecological Footprint

After taking my Ecological Footprint quiz, it seems that to support the lifestyle I’m living, it takes 3.4 hectares of the Earth’s productive area and it requires the regenerative capacity of 1.9 planets each year. If everyone lived the same lifestyle as I do, it would take about 1.9 planets each year to sustain the…



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Responsibility of Government

Time has changed and where we live today is what may be called as a “global consumer society”. People are striving in the fast lane to make their hassle bustle life a bit relaxing, convenient and luxurious by purchasing and manufacturing equipments and then disposing them off. This is where businesses and industry play an…

Cause of Pollution

Nowadays, people use different methods of mass media to express their concern about which sources cause (the ) pollution, and which consequences will be lead from it. This essay will try TO FIND OUT ABOUT (learning) these causes and effects of the pollution. There are different sources, which badly affect our environment. Different kinds of…

Role Of Education in Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is that development which will meet the present needs of the community without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Environmental education involves among other things the provision of information, recognizing values, clarifying concepts etc in order to develop skills and attitudes that enable the community to understand and…

Threats to biodiversity hotspots

Referring to examples, discuss the threats to biodiversity hotspots and why these threats could prove critical (15 marks) Biodiversity hotspots are areas in the natural environment that contain some of the biggest concentration of flora and fauna in the world, often containing many rare and endangered species. However many of these ecosystems are threatened by…

Classification and Marine Biodiversity

Important Background Information that you need to know and understand: (Understand the Key Concepts) Key words: binominal system of naming; science of classification is taxonomy; species; levels of classification (know them); dichotomous identification key; 5 kingdoms; etc… CLASSIFICATION Our oceans have a great variety of life forms. Thousands of new species are discovered each year….

Importance of the Ecological Footprint

Everyone has desire, and it will never get satisfied. Because of our desire, we use all the resources we can reach or find to produce better product and develop the technology to make our life better and easier. Ecologists have warned us so many times, every action has its consequences. One day all the resources…

Six key aspects of EBM

Introduction Ecosystem-based management (EBM) is a great tool to protect not only the environment, but to do it in a way that is not detrimental to humans or the economy. Traditional environmental movements have for the most part been a failure since they advanced the environment at the expense of the economy and of humans….

Environment Day

It gives me great pleasure to address you on this World Environment Day 2014. World Environment Day is commemorated worldwide each year under the direction of the United Nations to heighten public awareness of the environment. In recent times, the need to promote more earth friendly practices in order to maintain the health of our…

Comare and Contrast Living in the Country and in the City

Everyone has the different lifestyle. City lifestyle and country lifestyle are two different types of livings. There are some most different thing between living in the country and in the city are the environment, job opportunity, cost of living, and social life. The environment in the countryside and the city is very different. There are…

Biodiversity Essay

Does encaging the animals in such places as zoo and aquarium be clarified as preserving biodiversity? There are two sides to this issue. Main points that support the idea of keeping the animals in cages that often come up are zoos are able to provide protection and they can increase the population of those species…

Water Pollution

1) What is water pollution? 2) What causes water pollution? 3) Name the 2 sources of pollution 4) What are the different types of water pollution? 5) How can water pollution be prevented? 6) Pollution can be: MICROBIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL, SUSPENDED MATTER, NUTRIENTS, OXYGEN-DEPLETING SUBSTANCES. Give one real example for each cse with a brief explanation….

My thoughts and reflections

Sustainability I hadn’t considered the inter-plays that exist between the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability, I subscribe to the three pillars of sustainability (figure 1), that is each has an impact but they are independent of each other. Figure 1: Three pillars of sustainability Source: Wallis, A. M., Graymore, M. L. M., &…

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The Top 20 Ecology Good Essay Topics

Today, because of many factors, we are facing an ecological problem. People have decided to make nature their property and have power over it. Inconsiderate exploitation of nature has brought us to the point at which we are now. Our main task is to take care of the planet and cherish it. Next list contains the most persuasive essay topics. Use them to write a perfect argumentative essay. You may also take these good essay topics as jump-off points.

  1. The term of ecology. Definition and meaning.
  2. The history of ecology.
  3. Issues related to eco-friendly means of renewable energy. Possibilities of their solution.
  4. The object of eco-friendly research.
  5. Branches of ecology.
  6. The connection between ecology and other studies.
  7. How does ecosystem work?
  8. Visible consequences of our activity and ecosystem.
  9. The phenomenon of a greenhouse effect. Ways of solution this problem.
  10. The necessity of decrease of water waste.
  11. The rule of 3R’s: reduce, reuse and recycling. Do people stick to this rule? The importance of this rule when it comes to ecology.
  12. Water, wind, and solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuel energy. The necessity of construction of hydropower stations, usage of solar batteries and wind turbines.
  13. What should people do to solve the ecological problems and make the planet better?
  14. The connection between people and nature.
  15. Green programs and projects. Ideas for making the environment better.

No one could deny the fact that if we do not stop intentionally destroying the Earth, in decades there will be nothing left. We need to promote environmentally friendly products and taking care of the environment in general to save ourselves. The least what we can do is to write about it and show it to people. The best way to express disadvantages and advantages of being environmentally conscious is with the help of argumentative essay. There are several argumentative essay examples on the Internet to help you if you do not understand something. Moreover, there is always somebody to help if it is needed. Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher if something goes wrong.


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